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be inspired

2 June 2022

Cosy up this Winter at Crossroads Homemaker Centre

It’s always exciting when a new season comes around as it gives us the opportunity to try new things with our décor. As we’ve enjoyed the warmer weather in recent months, it’s

9 March 2022

Fall into flexible spaces this season

Interior decor now revolves around creating flexible spaces that can be rearranged and changed depending on its functionality and on the varying circumstances, to deliver functionality, space and versatility to our homes.

1 December 2021

Brighter days are ahead!

With the warmer months making their way to bring brighter days, we’re getting ready to soak up the sun, reconnect with friends and family, enjoy entertaining and being outdoors. To help you

6 September 2021

Welcoming Spring into your home

Now that Winter is over, it’s time to open the windows, and let the sun stream through. Since we haven’t been able to travel or be outdoors as much, this Spring we’re