Your Winter Wonderland



Cool days, chilly nights, and cold mornings, just beckon you to stay indoors.

It’s all about hibernating, sleeping in, daydreaming, curling up by the fire with a good book, snuggling with a hot chocolate, and napping under a big blanket for winter warmth.

There’s nothing better than creating your own Winter Wonderland.


Get Cosy 

A simple and easy way to create a cosy atmosphere at home is by adding colour, with deep tones that draw from nature, like stormy greys, forest greens, and dark mustard or burnt orange to bring in warmth, however pale greys and pinks also look inviting. Practical tips include updating your window dressing with floor to ceiling curtains to frame your space, and rug large enough for the front legs of your furniture to rest on and anchor the room, which will also feel beautiful underfoot.


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Create Comfort

Nothing screams comfort more than touch, like a warm hug on a cold night. It’s all about layering. Look for soft thick throws for your sofa or signature armchair, and textured velvet, felt or fleece cushions that you can snuggle in-to. Pile on the plush in the bedroom, and add faux fur and feather, wool and linen and chunky knit blankets to your bed. Think about each space, and the heating required. Oil heaters are a safe and cost-effective option for bedrooms, creating a comfortable heating experience. For the living room, there’s nothing more enticing than sitting by a roaring fire, whether it’s a wood heater or gas log fire, and there are many free-standing and inbuilt options to choose from these days.


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Is where the big and small elements come together to create a safe and pleasurable environment. It’s the practice of spending leisure time at home, watching movies, catching up on Netflix, listening to your favourite tunes, or reading a good book. And remember it’s the little things that make a house a home, like the flickering light of a beautiful scented candle, a favourite cup to hold your hot beverage, and a cuddle with your loved ones snuggled up in bed.


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Your home should be the most comfortable space ever, the place you enjoy coming home to, a refuge and sanctuary from the troubles of the world, and a place to rest, recharge, and just be you.