Welcoming Spring into your home

Now that Winter is over, it’s time to open the windows, and let the sun stream through. Since we haven’t been able to travel or be outdoors as much, this Spring we’re bringing the outdoors in, taking the indoors outside and bringing texture and natural materials into our homes. To kickstart your inspiration, we’ve pulled together our top tips and favourite items from our retailers to help you effortlessly transform your home this season. Discover ways to integrate natural materials and select sustainable and ethically made furniture and decor, learn how to style statement pieces, as well as weave on trend colours throughout your home. Spring has sprung, and Crossroads Homemaker has everything you need to be inspired!

Eco-friendly design
In recent times, consumers have started to make more and more ethical and conscious decisions about the products they purchase. This has included anything ranging from food to fashion, and even homewares, furniture and appliances. Selecting pieces that are either ethically made, or contain sustainably sourced materials can help you feel more at peace and balanced in your home by knowing that you’ve made a conscious decision. When choosing something sustainable, you should also consider its longevity in your home and the different ways it can be used. This is especially important today with a lot of us working from home, and creating office spaces within.

Journey to the centre of the earth
When looking for inspiration, nature is always a good place to start. This season’s earthy tones such as ochre, terracotta and burnt orange can provide a warm and relaxing feel to any room. As they’re reminiscent of the warm Australian landscape and dense rich soil of the rainforest, colours that are warmer in tone can help to ground us as they are a contrast to our shiny and bright pieces of technology that we’re constantly around. By selecting furnishings that feature soft fabrics heightens the level of relaxation and comfort. You can also pair these colours with natural materials like linen, timber and stone, which can help you achieve a more natural and earthy aesthetic.

Reconnecting with the outdoors
We all know how beneficial time outside in the sun can be for us all. This has been especially important recently due to having to work from home for extended periods. That’s why we’ve recently seen a shift in re-working our outdoor spaces as being an extended part of our living areas. Incorporating soft furnishings, outdoor cooking appliances and kitchens, as well as heating can help with our need for outside space. Similarly, if you don’t have too much space to work with outside, you can always look at bringing the outdoors in through the use of plants, more natural lighting and materials like stone and timber to evoke a sense of being outdoors. 

Stay in touch
An easy way to add depth and dimension to any space is by simply incorporating elements with different textures. Think fluted glass, wooden slats and tactile surfaces to create intrigue and a focal point to draw the eye. If your room seems to have too many similar shades, you can start to lift it by adding textures or patterns. Start small by incorporating a few cushions with fabric that contrast to your furniture. That way you can change them around from season to season, or even room to room. You can even play around with a display cabinet that features books, vases and different ornaments to add multiple textures.

Spring is all about new life and can be an inspiring time for us all. As we come into a new season, it’s a great time to start focusing our efforts in creating spaces within our home that are comfortable enough for us to retreat to, enjoy and feel relaxed in, especially now more than ever. Whether you start small by incorporating a new element, or are up for the task of totally revamping your home, you’re sure to find everything you need at Crossroads Homemaker Centre. While our stores remain closed for the time being, you can still online, click and collect or have everything safely delivered to your door. Speak to our retailers to find out more about their delivery options.