Keep yourself and others safe

On Sunday 12 July evening, it was reported that a staff member of Crossroads Hotel who has since tested positive for Covid-19 has visited Planet Fitness Casula. We have spoken to this individual and can advise that the movements within our Centre were solely contained to the Planet Fitness tenancy. The infected individual has stated that no other areas of the Centre were visited and is now in isolation.


Planet Fitness has contacted all members of the gym that may have come in contact with the infected individual, completed a deep clean and as a precautionary measure, remains closed.


Considering this and other infection cases in our area, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that the health and well-being of all our staff and customers are met. All common areas of the Centre have been deep cleaned using hospital grade products specified by authorities that kill the virus present on the surfaces. This includes all toilet and amenity areas throughout the Centre and all external areas of retailer tenancies including all touchpoints.


Detailed below are the products used:


A) Wipe down all High Touch Points using s7 hospital grade wipes

B) Fogging of all common areas with Zoono z71 anti-virus chemical (this product protects all surfaces from the virus for up to 30 days)


Let’s all do our part to work with NSW Health authorities to stop the spread of infection. It is essential the community works together to limit the spread of the virus, by always maintaining good hand hygiene, adhering to physical distancing rules and getting tested whenever symptoms occur, however mild. If you are feeling sick, or showing any slight symptoms, please stay at home.

Please see NSW Health Website for latest updates and further information.