Inspired Living: Life at home during lockdown

Life during a lockdown can at times make you feel overwhelmed and trapped within your home. However, at the end of the day, home is where the heart is and as we switch from everyday life to one indoors, there are things that you can do to help keep yourself feeling energetic, optimistic, entertained and productive.

Here are 8 ways to rethink life at home, and help you continue living life inspired:

1. Practical and mindful coping methods

Taking care of yourself and your mental health & wellbeing during extended times of lockdown may lead you to dwindling self motivation to stay entertained, active and fit. The best ways to combat those moments is to rediscover what you love and explore new and motivating ways to spend your time indoors and out.

Tip 1: Hit the road on the bicycle
Did you know cycling pumps blood around your body at a greater rate which allows for the rapid spread of endorphins and other good substances? With dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin being released after a good 30min cycle ride it will be sure to leave you in an improved and refreshed head space! To find your ideal bike, simply visit ABC Bikes.

Tip 2: Putt-time into refining your skill
Drummond Golf has everything you need to keep practicing your golf skills at home with their Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat. Improve your concentration, patience and your putting all in one with this compact kit. Perfect to have a putt-off with the kids too!

Tip 3: Rev-up your positivity
Hobbies are one of the joys of life and for your son, boyfriend, husband or father, car love might just be what they need to get them through another day in lockdown! Super Cheap Auto have everything your rev-head needs to start or finish that love-job they’ve been wanting to do or to simply give their ‘baby’ the TLC it needs.

Tip 4: Move it!
Gyms might be closed and bootcamps may be canceled, however, Rebel have you sorted for all the equipment you need to keep yourself fit and active at home. From Home Gym essentials to fit balls, you can find the right option for your mind, body & price tag! To help keep you motivated here is a workout we just love with just a fit ball.


2. Review your workspace at home

And just like that, we’re back to adapting to working from home. If you’re finding it hard to stay focused and productive in your homely 9-5 space it might be because you’re not comfortable or you don’t have an allocated ‘office’ space. Thankfully Freedom has a wide collection of styles, designs and options to suit any home, lifestyle, and price range. With inspiration like this, you’ll be itching to get to work every day!

Plus a few other tips to get you through your working day:
– Maintain regular hours
– Set a schedule and stick to it
– Create a morning routine
– Schedule breaks
– Make sure to move!

3. Understand and motivate your child

Being a kid in 2021 means a sudden switch to home learning, virtual playdates and plugging in more than hanging out! Limiting screen time always seems to be a battle for parents and while it may seem impossible to pry them away from their beloved devices, we hope these few tips might help fuel and create a positive learning environment whilst filling their time with fun and productive alternatives:

Tip 1: Transport their mind into a book
Reading and sharing stories not only can help your child get to know sounds and develop early literacy skills, but it can help develop your child’s brain, ability to focus and concentrate whilst building their imagination skills. To help incentivise your little one for an afternoon ‘reading time’ you can’t go further than Amart Furniture’s accent chairs. The perfect motivation to snuggle in and transport them off to a world far away!


Tip 2: Let your toddler have a choice
Toddlers at home and unstimulated can lead to hyperactivity, boredom and the all dreaded meltdown. To avoid times like this, try and plan out your weekend with a schedule of activities such as below:

Morning Wake – Breakfast & free time
9am–10am Puzzles
10am: Morning Tea Break
1030am–1130am Colouring & Craft
1130am: Lunch
12pm: Imaginative play followed by nap / quiet time

130pm–2pm: Free play
2pm: Afternoon Snack
230pm–330pm: Indoor obstacle courses
330pm–430pm: Family walk/ride
430–5pm: Free play/screen time
5pm: Dinner

Giving your child the chance to choose from a selection of puzzle types e.g. 3D, flat, blocks, etc, or allowing them to tell you what kind of obstacle course they would like will help keep them engaged and feel a part of the decision-making.

Baby Bunting have a wide range of toddler approved and mum endorsed products that will help you through even the toughest of days!


Tip 3: Helping your child thrive during remote learning
Chemist Warehouse have a wide range of vitamins to help support your child’s growth and development. Nature’s Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multi-Vitamin + Vegies – is a great tasting berry multivitamin that provides 8 important nutrients to help support healthy growth and development. Endorsed by Guy Sebastian and Jules Sebastian we just love reading about how they navigate all things family, life and kids.


4. Think all things Zen

Holidays might be in the distant future for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your family, spouse, kids or yourself to a little bit of escapism! Creating a kid’s zone, parents retreat and even ‘in-home’ spa are great ways of being creative and producing that all essential breakaway zone.

Pillow Talk, Forty Winks, OMF, LazBoy & Snooze all have those quintessential items to create these environments and for a little bit of inspo, we hope you enjoy these dreamy escapes!

Space 1: Kid’s Zone
Kids bedding and linen are always fun to use to transform a space and thanks to Pillow Talk it’s easy to do! Coverlets, sheets and accessories to style your little one’s bedroom will make their space feel personal, unique and special – encouraging individual play and quiet time to recharge.


Space 2: Parent’s Retreat
Incorporating simple items such as the Splendor Ottoman from Lazboy or the Wellness Collection Sheets from Forty Winks will have your room feeling more pleasant, relaxed and cozy. Of course, if you’re looking for more of a luxury-spa change you can’t go past Snooze’s help in how to choose a bedroom theme or OMF’s fantastic range of mattresses.


5. Revitalise your homeland

As we said in the beginning, home is where the heart is and what a better time to take stock and revitalise your homeland. A switch from everyday life to one indoors could just be the push you needed to start the home overhaul. From lighting to flooring, home décor to vacuums and more you’ll find it all available for contactless pick-up at Crossroads Homemaker Centre! Here are our top 4 home refresh picks:

Lighting ideas to transform your kitchen thanks to Beacon Lighting

Adding a splash of colour and a dash of comfort to your space with high-quality rugs from Carpet Call

Keeping your home in total cleanliness with the vacuum and cleaning specialists Godfreys

6. Remember to take a bite of delicious positivity

Let’s cook! We all know there’s no better way to happiness than a home cooked meal and if there’s one thing lockdown has given us – it’s time. The perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, why not keep your weeknight dinners exciting by experimenting with a different cooking technique or flavour profile every night? Here are our top 3 products and recipes that we love!

7. Create a central place for the family to reconnect

Boost your family life and increase one on one connection during lockdown by uniting together in the space and comfort of your own home. With all the kids home around the clock, you may have realised that your family lounge – the social hive of your home is no longer big enough to comfortably sit everyone for family game nights, and afternoon tea conversations. If this is you, fear not as we have identified our top 2 family sofas:

Family Lounge Pick 1:
The Plush Cooper Modular sofa is one of the best value family sofa on the market and will be just right for you! From its timber feet, right up to its gorgeously upholstered and comfortable back cushions, the Cooper looks and feels like the perfect family sofa. Crafted with care, constructed with quality timbers and foams, the Cooper is sure to stand the test of time and comes with the Plush 10 Year Peace of Mind Warranty®.


Family Lounge Pick 2:
For the modern day, refined family home The divine Ezra lounge from Nick Scali is sure to please. Featuring stunning grey wash oak legs and available with multiple configurations, it will ensure that you can find the right piece to suit your needs! With deep and wide seats, the family will certainly be able to relax on the sofa in ultimate comfort.


8. Spend extra quality time with your pet

The ultimate incentive to unplug and connect has got to be spending that extra bit of time with your beloved pet. Pets are comforting companions, it’s no wonder they keep us healthy and relieve stress. So, what better way to recharge than by taking your furry best friend for a walk, soaking up those midday cuddles with your purring feline or take time to zone out whilst watching your fish swim and glide about. For healthy ways to look after your pet, Petbarn has you covered.