For your home this Autumn

As the crisp, cooler Autumn season approaches, it’s time to cosy up and take comfort in gorgeous, unfussy homewares and snuggly decorating ideas that will make your stay at home, work remotely plans, completely justifiable. To get your creative juices flowing and to inspire you into action, take a look at our top interior trends for Autumn 2021. From minimalist inspired statement pieces to enhance your current space, comforting colour palettes and textures, to designer décor that make a great talking point, we’ve got it all covered under one roof at Crossroads Homemaker Centre. So grab a hot cocoa, sit back, and browse our latest looks.

Grandmillennial – Old School Cool
Granny chic never looked so cool. Cosy, quaint, with a touch of modern rustic, a décor style known as Grandmillennial is leading the trend in 2021. Grandmillennial bring us a delightfully whimsical look featuring nature-inspired prints, quaint floral patterns, gold accessories, and cutesy ornaments for a touch of personality. Best of all this gorgeous trend oozes warmth, nostalgia, and familiarity felt in your nana’s home. So think pieces of furniture she’d own, floral prints, beautifully embroidered linen, all teamed up with the simplicity of a modern décor. It’s the perfect balance of old school and new, with a homeliness that will never go out of style.

Soak in the earthy goodness of neutral tones
Elegant and minimalistic, the simplicity of neutral tones makes any room calm, intimate, and welcoming. No wonder, it’s the go-to look for every stylist. Neutrals not only make the perfect backgrounds, they have the power and versatility to make everything else pop, stand out, and look classically timeless at the same time. You can even effortlessly team up your favourite neutrals with natural fibres and different textures like white wicker, natural rattan, hemp or jute for an easy-breezy holiday feel. To create depth and interest, simply throw in a gorgeous handwoven rug, big, beautiful pattern cushions, oversized baskets or modern timber furniture to introduce some colour. You seriously cannot go wrong with neutrals.

The art of minimalism
This season, we’re welcoming minimalist-inspired interiors that’ll maximise the look of your space. Think clean, modern lines and beautifully simple colour palettes. You’ll also need to make plenty of room for statement pieces or high quality fittings like a designer chandelier, show-stopping art work, or stand out pieces of furniture. Why not inject colour by creating a feature wall with artisanal wall paper? To get minimalism trending in your home, start by decluttering as much as possible. Get some stylish storage solutions, and start getting into the habit of practicing less is more. You never know how rewarding it is until you give it ago. 


The beauty of green
Green stands for balance, freshness, nature, and rebirth. It’s also the symbol of prosperity, health, and happiness – and during challenging times brought on by the global pandemic, green covers all the things we are craving for in 2021. So what better time than now to cocoon yourself with this wonderfully comforting colour. From stunning emerald hues, to refreshing mint, or a touch of subtle sage, playing with shades of green can create a natural, soothing atmosphere in any room. There’s nothing better than bringing the outdoors indoors with gorgeous, leafy greenery to instantly spruce up your home.

As the season changes, transitioning the interior of your home from summer styles to autumn-inspired décor can be a wonderful change. With many of us now spending more and more time at home, investing in the creature comforts that make our living spaces even more enjoyable has never been more worthwhile. So whether it’s simple accessories like candles, or cosy throws and cushions, stunning lighting ideas or stand out rugs, and supersized couches or statement pieces to revamp you home, you’ll find everything you need to transform your space to reflect the season right here at Crossroads Homemaker Centre.