Fall into flexible spaces this season

Interior decor now revolves around creating flexible spaces that can be rearranged and changed depending on its functionality and on the varying circumstances, to deliver functionality, space and versatility to our homes.
The right layout of the room, the lighting, the use of materials, the presence of plants and flowers, the use of colours, and the use of art, all play apart in these flexible spaces on contributing to creating mentally healthy spaces, improving your mood, and ultimately reducing your anxiety.

And so, what’s on its way this season? And what new interior design tips can you look forward to falling into?

Eternal Earthy Palette

Colours trends for Autumn 2022 reflect our need to reconnect with nature embracing the rules of biophilic design, which brings attention not only to natural elements (natural lighting and colours) but, promotes a healthy and productive space.

Colour embraces a lot of power in setting the tone of a room. Neutral warm and natural shade of Brown and Beige Brave Ground are the main colours for Autumn 2022, and their unpretentiousness stimulates peace of mind, calmness, positiveness. This Autumn, colours are warm, rich, and decadent, like deep teal (a dark greenish-blue colour) and dusty rose, as well as warm neutrals and a pop of vintage gold. Together, they promote a hearty, intense, and inviting look.

Organic Finishes for relaxing spaces

To obtain a complete connection with the planet and create a calm and relaxing vibe make sure you are using jute, wood, cotton, bamboo, natural yarn, stone and wool as natural elements.
Additionally, textile fabrics are great to add depth and a bitter taste to the space. Make use of throw pillows, window coverings, upholstery fabric and rugs. But be careful not to exceed with the details or the space will accidentally feel overly busy.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

When it comes to window coverage, think of “layers” and length. Combining diverse sheet, quantity, or thickness of materials let you determine how much sunlight gets in the room and how much the neighbours can see.

Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains are elegant and stylish, and they beautifully offer a light and relaxed ambiance perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen windows. And, by adding height to the curtain you let the fabric fold in a tidy and neat way.

Style your space with Throws and Pillows

Do you know what makes your favourite armchair and sofa even cosier? 

A soft warm throw and some additional pillows will make your living room and bedroom more comfortable and pleasant. Make your bed selecting lots of cushions, layers of blankets and textures that are in this season’s colours and combine them to form a coordinated “Autumn” set. Make sure you choose fabrics and materials that you think are super comfy for the bed and sofa you would want to never leave.  

And so, you can sink into your sofa with a good book, a warm cup of tea and drape the throw around your shoulders or on your legs and relax. 

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