Cosy up this Winter at Crossroads Homemaker Centre

It’s always exciting when a new season comes around as it gives us the opportunity to try new things with our décor. As we’ve enjoyed the warmer weather in recent months, it’s now time to cosy up in our homes and enjoy the spaces we’ve created. We’ve found the best trends for any home this Winter, which centre around adding depth and character to rooms with colour, fabrics and textures and so much more.

So, grab your favourite warm drink, a soft blanket and read on to find out the latest Winter trends at Crossroads Homemaker Centre.

Add some traditional flair

There’s a reason we’re in awe of traditional architecture and artworks, and it’s all to do with the detail and craftmanship. Add a bit of “art” to your home by choosing pieces that reflect eras gone by that feature intricate details or motifs. It not only helps to add character to your home, but it also adds a bit of flair by appearing to look more custom-made and like a “one-off piece”. These pieces don’t have to be too grand, or overwhelming. However, they can be pieces that are reminiscent of the era by boasting details and patterns within the structure.

Add movement through furniture

Create welcoming and inviting spaces with the use of furniture and homewares that is more organic in shape, rather than the rigid and straight lines we’ve become accustomed to in our furniture. Not only is it much safer, but it is also more sociable and is easier for your guests to navigate through, as well as socialise in the space too, as it mimics more organic movement. Plus, there’s nothing more comfortable than sinking into a sofa that has more of a curve to support the human form too. Pair it with a soft fabric, and layer with pillows and throws, and you’ve got yourself the most comfortable space to cosy up in.

Add a Homemade Charm

Add character and charm to any space by utilising homewares that are organic in form and texture, exuding a hand-made feel. By doing so, it helps us feel more connected to our homes, as it has more of a human touch to it, rather than having things that are too refined and perfect. It helps our homes feel more lively and lived in, and make it uniquely ours. You can achieve this through adding small décor pieces such as vases and crockery. Alternatively, soft furnishings like throws and cushions that feature natural fabrics with their own characteristics, can also be utilised to warm up the space.

Create a mood with the use of the right fabrics

The use of certain fabrics helps in not only creating a comfortable piece of furniture, but can also add to the overall mood and aesthetic of a space. For example, using fabric with details, such as a woven silk, or even heavier and tactile fabric such as velvet, can give an overall high-end mood to a space, and set the overall tone for your home. Be sure to use it mindfully to not overpower the room. This can be achieved easily by starting off with a focal piece, like an armchair, and look to style your space around it, taking into account different tonal ranges to help add depth.

This Winter, make your home warm in more ways than one by adding pieces that reflect who you are, and take into account the overall mood of the home you wish to create. By carefully considering the use of patterns, fabrics and the pieces you choose in your home, you’ll be creating a space that you can’t wait to come home to. 

Crossroads Homemaker Centre has over 30 retailers that can help bring your ideas to life. From mini makeovers to revamping your home, their friendly teams are ready to inspire and help you achieve whatever you have in mind for your home this Winter.