Brighter days are ahead!

With the warmer months making their way to bring brighter days, we’re getting ready to soak up the sun, reconnect with friends and family, enjoy entertaining and being outdoors. To help you make the most out of your space this Summer, we’ve gathered all our favourite items from our retailers. Be inspired to create the perfect space for you to relax after a long day enjoying the sun, reinvigorating with new and interesting pieces, while making the most of your outdoor area to entertain your guests. Crossroads Homemaker Centre is open and ready to help you transform and refresh your space this Summer!

Be the host with the most

It’s finally time to welcome our friends and families back into our homes again to laugh, bond and entertain. Making a space that is warm and inviting is key to allowing your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed in your space making the most of your time together. 

Ensure there’s a space for everyone by selecting pieces that are ample and generous to help make your guests feel more at home. Choosing something with a low profile is also key to ensuring that your space does not feel too crowded and allows you and your guests to move freely.

Be bright and bold

An easy and effective way to revitalise your home is by adding a burst of colour. Add warmth and brightness to a room instantly by thoughtfully incorporating furnishings, decorative pieces or even a feature wall with a fresh coat of paint. It not only helps to mirror the warmth of the season, but it can also help to refresh and breathe new life into them, after months of being indoors.  

You can start small by using a bright pattern in a cushion or throw, or if you’re ready for a complete makeover, you can pick a larger item with a bold colour and style the room around it. You can easily pair a bold colour with a natural material, such as wood from a piece of furniture, or linen in a cushion or sofa as a starting point or to help soften the look.

Make a statement

Elevate the look of your home and get your guests talking with a bold and striking statement piece. It’s a way to reflect your personality and creativity, as well as intrigue your guests! It can be as subtle or prominent as you want it to be, depending on the space you’d like to style. A great way to start is by incorporating organic and irregular shapes as a decorative piece. You can even try bringing in different textures, fabrics and patterns that contrast with what you already have in your home. 

If you’re ready to totally change the look of a room, a prominent piece of furniture can act as a focal point with which to style your space around, like a curved couch, brightly coloured armchair or even a pendant light.

Create your own getaway

There’s nothing stopping us from creating our own retreat at home. It’s easy to create an ambience that reminds you of your favourite beachside resort right in your backyard! Create a lavish and inviting outdoor area by using soft furnishings, and layering cushions and throws to add maximum comfort. Choose pieces that can serve as both a part of your everyday retreat, as well as accommodate guests when they come over.

By investing in furniture pieces that are made from long-wearing and weather enduring materials, you can enjoy these for years to come, throughout each season.

We’re excited for all the warmth this season will bring. From the weather to the colours we’re featuring in our home, as well as the joy and laughter our guests will bring too!

We hope that this has inspired you to try something new in your home. Whether you try adding more decorative elements or are motivated to refresh and revive your home entirely, you can find all that you need at Crossroads Homemaker Centre. 

All our retailers are open (plus many more on the way) and ready to help you achieve the space you want to create. Visit them today in-store, open seven days a week.